Since 2012

Who we are:

. As a DX business experts with global perspective, we pursue excellence in plant asset life cycle management to help our clients achieve their business objectives
. We aim to become a small but strong company as specializing in Digital Transformation related software solutions and professional services for plant industry
. We have been experiencing on large to mega projects through not only globally recognized EPC companies but also some O&M companies
. Our team has high knowledge about various plant design solutions such as Hexagon PPM, AVEVA, Bentley, and well understand customer’s technical requirements


What we do:

. PlantAsset offers cutting edge software solutions for complete, end-to-end project lifecycle management, from Engineering to Operation and Maintenance
. We have own software solutions as well as cooperate with global leading solution partners including Oracle CEGBU, CAXperts and TecSurge
. In particular, we are focusing on the rule based rigorous quality control from the engineering stage, and efficient use of data, documents, drawings and models
. Helping Clients to meet target of safety and quality improvement, to manage project risk, and to influence the outcomes of their projects