Key Features

The MDBS offers a 'data mining' solution with a difference, in that it's aimed at technical contents including various forms and tables for key information to be exported into whichever program you're using such as EDW(Engineering Data Warehouse), CMMS(Computerized Maintenance Management System) and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning).

This could make it especially useful for enterprises with a large number of technical contents such as Data Sheet, Vendor Print and various Authoring Tools, especially coming from contractors and suppliers, which may often be in PDF format.

The MDBS works by using user definable form libraries and dictionary to scan the document for key information rather than using fixed template format, which helps in that different forms and tables will tend to be formatted to present information in different ways.


MDBS Screen

The MDBS has a clear purpose and works to a specific need, and will no doubt prove valuable for businesses that need to extract technical data simply and easily as opposed to manual working with text. So the MDBS can avoid erroneous inputs and reduce working time dramatically since no repeated data format recognition and manual input are required.

MDBS Logic