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DQCS: Rigorous design quality check solution based on the rules
MDBS: Best 'data mining' solution for engineering document and drawing
FMS: Accurate flow information is one of the most important keys for process plant industry


PlantAsset Service
As a DX business experts with global perspective, we help clients redefine how they create value by reinventing and transforming business processes.
We pursue excellence in entire lifecycle management in AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) and O&M (Operation & Maintenance) sectors through defined scope professional services from engineering to O&M.
As Oracle CEGBU and CAXperts partner, at the forefront of project management and digital transformation, having larget number of certified professionals delivering solutions using Aconex, Primavera Unifier and Universal Plant Viewer.

Intelligent Schematic

The P&ID (Process & Instrumentation Diagram) is an essential source of information in all phases of a plant’s lifecycle from engineering and construction, through operation and maintenance, to decommissioning.

Intelligent P&IDs are graphical representations backed by a database containing all engineering and design data.

This pairing of sophisticated Intelligent tools allows useful organization and timely retrieval of process and facility data, However, this important repository of information has not been adequately exploited using contemporary tools offered by the latest available software technology.

Now, with qualified workforces, sophisticated, automated and interactive tools, and with experience in P&ID drafting and data input.

Consulting & Deployment
Consulting & Deployment

We help our customers achieve their project goals as quickly as possible by providing consulting and bespoke services such as deployment, configuration and integration between systems.

The following solutions are selected examples of our work related to worldwide business partners.
- Oracle Aconex
- Oracle Primavera Unifier
- CAXperts UPV (Universal Plant Viewer)

Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development

We are ready to deliver custom software development services to provide a solution where customer's specific project requirements or innovative ideas may not be addressed by any available commercial software.

The following items are selected examples of our work.
- Smart Work Place 3D System
- Mechanical Vendor Co-work System
- Instrument Vendor Co-work System
- EDW-PIMS Interface System
- 3D Model COB System

Oracle CEGBU

Construction and Engineering

Connect project teams, empower decision makers, and synchronize across your supply chain with a truly intelligent platform.

The Oracle Smart Construction Platform helps owners and their delivery teams work together, turn data into intelligence, and orchestrate resources for smooth project planning, delivery, and operations.

CAXperts GmbH


The UniversalPlantViewer is designed to enhance collaboration and optimise your entire plant lifecycle. A complete digital model with 3D model, P&ID, LaserScan, drawings documents, data – all linked together and simple accessible for every stakeholder, everywhere on all devices.