Key Features

The DQCS is an innovative solution for checking Design Quality by pre-defined design rules and values based on 3D Plant Model. The main purpose of the DQCS is to improve design quality through an automated check process based on the COMPANY and/or EPC's design rules to prevent re-work on the construction site and to eliminate potential operational accessibility, maintainability, safety and hazardous issues in advance. So it is particularly recommended that design rule check always be performed prior to generating and issuing deliverables, in order to keep projects on time and within budget.


DQCS Screen

The DQCS provides powerful automated features that checks both the logical and physical integrity of a design and it allows you to configure design rule checking for the plant and ship.
Checks are made against any or all enabled design rules and can be made online during design, or as a batch process.

DQCS Logic